Magnesium Cream Winter Warmer Essentials Pack

Mg12 Cell Restore


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Boost magnesium absorption and circulation by harnessing the power of heat

Our Winter Warmer Gift Pack includes one of our Wheat Heat Packs with either a Blue Possum or Cockatoo exclusive cover design, plus either a Magnesium Australis or Calming body cream and finally either a 15ml bottle of our new Tasmanian Kunzea or Lavender essential oil.

Harness the power of heat to boost magnesium absorption and circulation in your body to reduce discomfort and speed up healing and recovery.

Pack includes:

                     1 x Jar of body cream ($31.45 rrp)

                     1 x Australian Flora Heat Pack ($38.45 rrp)

                     1 x 15ml bottle of essential oil ($31.45 rrp)