Magnesium for Better Golf

Magnesium for Better Golf

Don't let pain, reduced flexibility and range of motion get in the way of you playing the game you love the most.

Golf to a lot of us is a way of life, it gives us a big reason to get up early and look forward to the day ahead and the challenge of playing under your handicap.

As we get older, our bodies require more time to recover, we need to stretch and stay strong and we also need to ensure our bodies get the right balance of nutrients and minerals to keep unwanted inflammation and auto-immune disorders at bay.

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Magnesium is a vital mineral that is required in well over 300 different bodily functions.

  • Blood pressure regulation
  • Improved heart health & circulation
  • Muscle activation and relaxation
  • Pain reduction via regulating pain signals sent from our nerves to the brain
  • Reduction of inflammation & fluid retention
  • Reduction of pain & loss of mobility due to conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, fibromyalgia & gout.


Our magnesium products are simple to use and can be applied anywhere on the body where you feel any pain, lack of mobility, stiffness or issues such as cramp and twitching muscles.

For best results our products should be applied daily (our Magnesium Australis Cream is ideal for this) by massaging into any effected area of your body. You will notice more mobility as the magnesium will relax your muscles as well as reduce the pain you feel. The magnesium will also improve circulation, which will speed up healing as well as reduce inflammation. These positive effects can occur within minutes. With consistent repeated use, you will notice an overall enhanced feeling of well being and health.


Another product we recommend for golf is our Pro-Sport Magnesium Spray which contains a high amount of magnesium as well as the time tested Wintergreen and Menthol oils which have been used for hundreds of years to treat pain and inflammation.

So if you are wanting to regain some lost distance on your shots and play a pain free round of golf then you should definitely give our products a try.

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