Why Mg12 Cell Restore?

Locally made in Brisbane Queensland, Mg12 Cell Restore was started with a vision of creating Australia's finest and most effective magnesium based products. Thinking outside of the box with ingredients that not only smell and feel great on the skin but work quickly and effectively to ease the sometimes debilitating symptoms caused by magnesium deficiency, demanding physical activity and the the stress of modern day living.

Magnesium Cream Magnesium Oil Essential Oil Kunzea Lavender

Our Mission

Provide the very best 100% natural magnesium products and make them accessible and affordable to everybody.

Constant Innovation & Improvement

Mg12 Cell Restore is always looking to innovate and develop new products which offer relief from a wide range of common health complaints, enhance quality of life and improve athletic performance and recovery. We believe that the customer experience can always be improved upon, whether it is the service we provide to our Stockists & Resellers or direct to our customers.

Communication is key. We will always strive to answer all questions, requests and issues as quickly as possible. Giving each message, email or phone call 100% attention.

Generous Wholesale Pricing & Fast Turnaround

Creating fair and attractive pricing is key to building business relationships that have the highest chance of long term success. Hand in hand with fair pricing is fast turnaround and fulfillment of orders. Fast fulfillment is paramount in our modern world. Our aim is to not keep anyone waiting for their orders.

Want to discuss stocking our products?

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