Essential Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Essential Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Jeff Bickmore

What is an Essential Oil?

Essential Oils are highly concentrated and volatile extracts from plants. They can be distilled or Cold Pressed from different plants parts such as the seeds, bark, roots, fruit, flowers, leaves, stems, resin and more.

How are they used?

For centuries, Essential Oils have been used for Aromatherapy in traditional, religious and cultural practices. Aromatherapy is the use of Essential Oils for therapeutic benefit, which can have vast effects on your wellbeing, physically, mentally and emotionally.

How do they work?

Essential Oils are absorbed into the body, through the nose and the skin, by inhalation or topical application.

When inhaled, the aromatic molecules travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain (particularly the Limbic System - the centre of the brain that controls emotions, memories, stress levels and hormone balance), and lungs, where the molecules will pass into the blood stream and be carried throughout the body. This is known to be the most effective application for mental and emotional benefits.

When applied topically, the molecules are absorbed deep into the skin and then enter the blood stream. They also affect the skin cells and underlying muscles they are applied to, making topical application known as the most effective for physical benefits.

Are they safe?

Essential Oils can have profound benefits to your overall health and wellbeing; however, they are extremely potent and powerful, and their safety can depend on a number of factors; such as your age, existing health conditions, medication, and most importantly how they are used.

Understanding Essential Oil safety is crucial and should always be practiced to ensure you are keeping yourself and your family safe, while enjoying the many wonderful benefits of Essential Oils.



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