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Magnesium Pure body spray

Mg12 Magnesium Oil

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How long have you been putting up with chronic muscle and joint pain or those dreaded leg cramps in the middle of the night?

Created to offer the most soothing and effective topical magnesium supplement available. Made from 100% Natural Ingredients right here in Australia.

Mg12 Cell Restore  Magnesium Muscle Recovery Formula is a gentle convenient spray on Magnesium supplement which has been formulated with a powerful dose of Magnesium Chloride.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals required by your body to carry out well over 300 everyday functions.

  • Helps relieve muscle and joint discomfort  
  • Helps relieve symptoms of mild arthritis
  • Helps relieve inflammation in the body   
  • Helps promote healing of mild eczema and dermatitis   
  • Helps relieve mild cramps and muscle spasms   
  • Helps promote general physical and mental well being