Magnesium Cream Calming Body Cream 110g

Mg12 Cell Restore


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Our magnesium creams contain 35% of pure Magnesium Chloride

We have taken our much loved Magnesium Body Cream formula and simply made it softer, creamier and infused it with essential oil aromas straight from the heavens.

Magnesium Calming is one of our best selling products for a very good reason. It simply and naturally gets results for our customers where other products have not. 

Magnesium Calming is a magnesium based body cream. Our beautiful soft cream of Coconut & Shea Butter is infused with plenty of Magnesium, Lavender essential oil, Patchouli essential oil and Rose Geranium essential oil. This formulation transports your body and soul to place of peace and calm, where your mind can be at ease and you can rest and restore. 

The texture is soft luxurious and nourishing, the scent is gentle, heavenly, floral and calming. Like a peaceful stroll through your favourite garden. It was formulated to be the most soothing and effective topical magnesium supplement available. Made from 100% Natural Ingredients right here in Australia. 

Absorption of magnesium through the skin is greatly enhanced when blended with carrier oils such as Coconut. Upon massaging into the skin, the powerful blend of Magnesium and essential oils have an almost immediate positive effect, where ever you need it the most. 

Best of all, it is 100% natural and gentle on your skin.